Maggie Movie Review: Arnold’s Soft Side

The movie opened on a crazy note. Arnold was flying a helicopter one handed with a machine gun mowing down zombies with the other. Zombies were being blown to bits. He jumps out of the helicopter as he losses control and lands, crushing the skulls of the zombies beneath him.

Or, at least that is how you’d expect to see an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie start. In fact, dare I say Arnold avoids violence in most of this film. Maggie is the story of Arnold and his daughter. The world has been plagued with a zombie disease. Even though it has drastically changed life society has been cooping and has made a system to deal with the infection. The movie, like the Walking Dead has done, tries to convey how it is to watch someone you love turn in to a zombie as Arnold’s daughter contracts the illness which takes 6-8 weeks to manifest.

This movie has a relatively slow start, and relies heavily on the viewers observation of the environment and pondering scenes of characters to understand the emotions on screen. Kind of talking through the silences. Some of the dialogue really did feel genuine and at times the feelz started to kick in. Scenes of Arnold and his daughter talking about why he keeps fixing and how that relates to his dead wife are very close to gripping. These scenes felt to far and in between though as some clichés occur due to some sub par writing. I figure it’s rather hard to avoid some of these especially when your trying to convey something that has most likely everyone has seen before. Maybe this is why the movie didn’t have so much dialogue in it.

Depending on how much you try to feel the perspective of the character will dictate how much you enjoy this film. Long segments of the movie will either be you, A. Looking at scenes of characters and the environment with nothing really happening. This will most likely make you think the movie is very slow, boring, and lacking substance or B. You’ll ponder the hard choices that the characters have to make, the way they act around each other, and what it would really be like to be infected. This of course will make you enjoy the film more.

However even though I felt the emotional grip the movie was trying to convey though out most of the film. Something was lacking (and it sure wasn’t the score cause that was spot on). It was that nothing about this movie really stuck out. There have been TV shows and movies that put characters in very similar predicaments that are very well made. Nothing really about this movie went above the call of duty to stick out of this genre.


So while this movie might draw some of it’s viewers in with it’s emotional grip some might find this a rather slow and boring film. Even for those that will like this film they won’t find anything particularly special.

If you’ve seen this already tell us what you thought of it and what your favorite Arnold movie is below!


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