True Detective: Putting It all Together

I’ve been watching the newest season of True Detective and I have really enjoyed it so far! There are just so many small things and hints to account for though I was getting sort of frustrated thinking that the story wasn’t coming together. I originally was going to write a post about everything that has happened so far and how everything might be connected. However the wonderful people at Polygon have already done so in this very long, but amazing article.

Normally I wouldn’t do such a small post to get people to go on a different site to read their stuff. However, the person who wrote that did an amazing job at helping me understand what’s going on in the show better. Let me know if it helped you out!


5 thoughts on “True Detective: Putting It all Together

      1. I go over my friend’s house to watch HBO so I’m not the right guy to ask. However if you have the money HBO had some of the best shows on the market right now.


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