Nice Guys Movie Review

With the peculiar, alluring, assiduous, 70s Los Angeles back drop with its exotic personalities, sexual deviants, and complexities The Nice Guys offers a lot of environmental style with characters punch hard literally, but maybe not so in other ways. A complex case involving multiple murders, a missing girl, and the porn and car industries, brings Russell Crowe (Jackson Healy) and Ryan Gosling (Holland March) together to solve a bizarre and deadly mystery. Crowe plays the brute enforcer, not really a person that works along side law enforcement. He will give your asshole neighbor a good punch in the face for the right price. Gosling plays the private eye male version of Jessica Jones. Constantly drinking no matter the time of day, but even in his drunken stumper still smart and particularly lucky. The two characters have some depth to them, but the movie doesn’t get to bogged down in trying to make us care, or at least didn’t do a great job at doing so. They would rather throw these clashing personalities at each other, making for a humor filled, atmospheric adventure which I found to be the more enjoyable aspects of the movie. The over the top details involving the mystery blends perfectly with the movies presentation of the 70s era as filled with bizarre, wild personalities. The random supporting characters throughout the film are evident of this and I highly enjoyed all of their performances. Angourie Rice plays Gosling’s daughter and she ends up being similar to Ellie from The Last of Us, meaning that she is a small person with mind beyond her years. Thankfully the writers did this instead of making her some cumbersome package that would of ruined the style of the movie. The Nice Guys reminded me some what of The Man From U.N.C.L.E in regards to the character personalities. It didn’t have the directional personality like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. did but invested more personality in supporting characters and in the environment. I loved the character chemistry and the writing behind their personalities.  Never would I expect Crowe and Gosling to make a great par but their acting capabilities combined well with the writing and in turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The Nice Guys will have you lightly laughing through most the film (with a couple missed jokes here and there) and offers only a couple moments worthy of a gut buster. I appreciated the combination of personalities in this movie and just how over the top things could get. It was an easy watch with a lot of smaller funny moments that kept things interesting.

Grade: B/B-


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