OverWatch Review

The actual release of Overwatch didn’t add anything new that was presented in the Beta. What does that mean? That it is still a freaking amazingly, addictive game. In regards to nearly every aspect of design, Blizzard  has exceeded my expectations. I am still stunned by how superbly balanced and unique the characters are in the game. The creative development behind this title is mind boggling to me. How do they get Zenyatta, Wintson, and Mei all with such different play styles to balance out so well?! Sound design was robust with it not only adding character to each hero but was used as a gameplay mechanic as well. Characters will shout if the enemy has a teleporter, if someone is behind you, and enemy’s ultimate are loud warning you to seek shelter. It’s hard to describe what keeps me wanting to play match after match endlessly. It’s simply a absorbingly fun game that’s  easy to pick up with matches offering a plethora of variety. The game is designed in a way that team play is very important, which can kind of suck if your team doesn’t like to coordinate attacks. Even though individual players can have an immense impact on a match having a team that works together and sticks together will almost always come out on top. The game also allows for some very awesome comeback moments, which are only awesome if your on the right side. I swear to the Lord of Light, every time my team gets the control point to 99% and the other team is at 0% we always lose in overtime! I have no idea how this happens but it does. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Whenever I see that I’m on the team that’s about to win 99% to 0% I know we are going to lose. It baffles me every time. I already gave my more detailed observations in my Beta impressions so go to that article if you want more details. I would easily suggest that everyone pick this up because it has been one of the best first person shooters to be released in a long while! I’ll be posting game play roughly every week seeing that I’ll probably be playing it rather then reviewing other games.

Grade: A


11 thoughts on “OverWatch Review

    1. Dang man! Sorry to hear that. I mean not every game is for every one! Glad you had the chance to play it before so you didn’t have to buy it. Anything you didn’t like about it or just not your style game?


      1. It’s repetitive, only pvp, and the game just doesn’t play that well in my opinion. Battleborn is better and that game is also crap in my opinion, but at least it has more replay value because it gives me the option to play the “story” or play multiplayer instead of just a multiplayer experience.

        No MP game is worth $60 because of the lack of replay value in my opinion.


      2. I don’t follow that motto that no MP game is worth $60. Just because a game doesn’t have a single player or multiplayer doesn’t exclusively make it worth more or less. I’d rather have a game be really good in one regard rather then have only fair in both single and multiplayer. When it comes to replay value I think for many gamers, outside good rpg’s like the witcher and skyrim, single player games don’t have much replay value. It’s all about getting that one experience right. A great example is the Tomb Raider (for Xbox 360). It was single player only and it was really short (say 9-11 hours to get 100% done with collectibles). It’s replay value is extremely low but it was a great game. If you can make a multiplayer game that doesn’t feel repetitive and has variety then that will have more replay value then a lot of single player games. It’s just all about preference and quality. If Overwatch had a story that was 4 hours or something it probably wouldn’t have been as good (took away time from adding to the multiplayer). But if you don’t like multiplayer then it is clearly a game to avoid. I personally thought the character variety makes every match feel different in comparison to many FPS’s out right now (Halo, COD, BF4).


      3. Regardless Overwatch isn’t a game that’s worth $60 when a game like Battleborn gives both and has better gameplay in my opinion.

        A great example of a game that has a ton of replay value that is single player only is Dragon Age/Mass Effect. Bioshock, etc. It’s probably not wise to try and talk for many gamers because there are millions of people out there that prefer single player games on over your average multiplayer one.

        I love multiplayer games btw. I just think Overwatch is crap. I can play Diablo, Borderlands, and [insert MMO name here] all day long. I can name a ton of them, but I think I made my point.

        In my experience no multiplayer game has ever lasted me long. I put 20 hours in Titanfall before I was done with it. Same with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Mobas have already been done to death. If Overwatch didn’t have Blizzard’s name attached to it I doubt it would have done/scored as high as it did.


      4. I don’t mean to paint with a broad brush. I am just suggesting that games that are purely multiplayer and games that are purely single player have there pros and cons and arguably net to have the same replay value. It’s all about preference so if you don’t think it’s worth $60 I can’t argue against that. But, multiplayer only games are inherently bad or less replayable. I don’t see how Overwatch’s style is different then other FPS’s that millions of people play. Also I think Battleborn is a great example of what I previously suggested was a game that has good single player and good multiplayer but from what I’ve read and watched doesn’t excel in either department that is worthy of really high praise while Overwatch was crafted to have amazing multiplayer and that’s why it’s being highly praised and one of the best selling console games ever. It’s ease of play, with a variety of characters and maps, and amazing character design gives it popularity and replayability. I don’t think Blizzard’s name has much to do with that.

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      5. It’s my first run through and I’m playing on the third difficulty level. I’m impressed by it! Love the combat and how everything is so detailed. I have the season pass so those side quests are awaiting me. It’s just going to take me awhile to get there…

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      6. My first playthrough took me 150 hours. That’s mostly because I played on both X1 and PC for my review.

        My latest run is a PC only playthrough since I got rid of my X1 a while back :].

        I hope you enjoy The Witcher 3. It’s a great game to get into and if you need any tips on how to find decent gear at low levels feel free to ask me :].

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