Best of the Worst: Central Intelligence Review

With possibly the best story writing since Shakespeare, Central Intelligence is sure to be the new standard of comedy for generations to come. In a single film, Kevin Hart was able to dispel years of negativity that I’ve held against him in a performance that tops  Steve Carrel….Sorry I threw up a little while typing that. Hart is barely inched out by what certainty will be known as the best performance Dwayne Johnson has ever given. One imagines how many grueling hours of research, dieting, etc. he must of done to capture the quintessential  of being a man child. Pure brilliance. Even though these might be two of the most memorable performances, only shadowed by that of Nicolas Cage, one must acknowledge the Shakespearean level in which this story was crafted. Hart and Johnson’s stories are opposites. One of a lost soul searching for his purpose in life and the other one filled with purpose but hiding his dark past. How the writers were able to bring this characters together on a mission to save the free world was beyond my comprehension. The chemistry shown between these characters is stronger then the bond between the Lannister twins. Bob and Calvin will most likely go down as the modern day Bonny and Clyde and this movie will be remember for centuries because of it. With the over abundance of humor in this film I wouldn’t be surprised if it won a Nobel Peace Prize for making people so happy they’ll never want to harm others ever again. I’ll quote a close friend of mine and how he was moved by this experience:

“There was never a moment that I wasn’t laughing. Kevin Hart is now one of my top five favorite actors. I related so much to the characters. I’ve never seen a movie so beautifully made before. As a film maker I’ve never been so inspired by a piece of art compared to this cinematic experience. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make such a brilliant masterpiece”. -Andrew Tigani


The way this movie was able to move my friend was life changing. We nearly cried at the super emotional speeches, that seemed oddly out of place, and we are sure to live by those very teachable moments for the rest of our lives. This movie has the potential to give red heads a momentary glimpse at what it feels like to have a soul. If this movie doesn’t make you piss your pants, cry, and want to touch The Rock’s muscles all at the same time, I’m not sure you know what good comedy is.



Central Intelligence is pretty darn funny and it when it wasn’t funny it was hilarious how other people thought it was funny. Great movie to watch in the theatre and The Rock rocks (HA) his odd performance. I hate Kevin Hart but he was bearable. A bad movie you should for sure see.


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