Best of the Worst: Gods of Egypt Review

Gods of Egypt is easily one of the most heaven like experiences that the human eye can see. If the movie was more beautiful it would have possibly blinded every movie goer with it’s god like CG effects. No practical effects were needed in this movie because the CGI team made everything look so well. This movie just shows that you don’t have to have an actual movie set to make an epic film. If there was a green screen in this film I wasn’t able to tell. Everything flawlessly blended together which made the movie felt that it was literally taking place in front of me. Seriously, this movie shits on James Cameron and then picks it off Cameron and throws it back in his face. I doubt we’ll ever see a movie this good looking for the next 54 years. The writing was so classical I felt they took it from the hieroglyphs themselves. The story telling was beautiful in what will be known as the Romeo & Juliet of this century. I had to pause the movie frequently to wipe the tears off the my friends face due to the amazingly devastating casting in this movie. I don’t care what people think, there is no possible way an Egyptian actor could have played these roles better than this cast. They felt more Egyptian than actual Egyptians. I’ll leave you with a quote from a dear friend and famous film critic Andrew Tigani:

Film making is the greatest art form known to man. Gods of Egypt shows us the power of this art form in what might be the quintessential of film as a form of art. Never in the history of cinema has a masterpiece potentially changed the future of film as we know it. It’s more emotional than Schindler’s List. Has better CGI than Aviatar. Has better writing than God Father. Has more representative casting than 12 Years a Slave. Can you think of something more powerful and earth shattering than Gods of Egypt? I think not.

-Andrew Tigani


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