Journey Review

The combination of beautiful, peaceful atmosphere, a gentle soundtrack, and a cryptic story, makes Journey a unique adventure that doesn’t feel like other games. Journey offers players a peaceful play through with music and sound effects that harmonize beautifully with your character’s movements. The player plays as a silk being awoken in the middle of a vast desert who sets on a Journey to a distant volcano. As you glide through the glistening sand you uncover the buried past of a once great civilization. Finding out the purpose of your journey and who this silk person is are the questions that gamers must seek out answers for.


One of the greatest things I loved about Journey was that it let me take a step back, relax, and enjoy the simplicity of the game. That enjoyment is something hard to find in multiplayer games that constantly cause frustration from bad teammates and lack of communication. Journey, on the other hand, always you to relax, explore, and create your own interpretation of the story. While there are hieroglyphs and obvious hints at what the has happened in in the land you find your adventure in, who you are and the ending are is up to interpretation. I was reading through what some peoples thoughts were on these matters and some of their ideas were quite brilliant and it goes to show that gaming helps us explore our own creativity. Sometimes the best stories aren’t the ones we are told, but the ones we create. Journey, in a small way, allows us to do just that.

The mechanics are the most rudimentary, you move, jump, and use a button to shout a sign which unlocks secrets and helps in your mobility by summoning near by silk to boost  you for a certain distance. The amount you travel and explore is up to you. You can go down the obvious path or spend your time exploring the land for hidden collectables (which I believe give you an extra skin if all are collected). The graphics in this game are beautiful and I certainty love the art design. This is complimented heavily by a masterfully made sound track.


As you might have noticed though, there isn’t many criticisms and that might be a problem for some. There just isn’t much to criticize  because there simply isn’t much in this game. While I personally found the exploring, story, art, and music a wonderful experience some people might dislike the game for its lack of content. I finished the game in about 3 hours and I could imagine some people might be disappointed to find that their journey doesn’t have a blunt ending.

I encourage all of those that like Indie games, exploration games, or just play games to relax to check out Journey. I had a very relaxing and enjoyable time just taking in the cool environments while trying to understand and come up with my own story. Check it out because the creators of Journey have a new game Abzu coming out very soon, which looks just as awesome. abzu

Grade: B



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