Perks of Being a Wall Flower

Maybe people don’t get thrashed around so openly in high school, but honestly that’s a small point to be had. Perks of Being a Wallflower had me emotionally engulfed throughout the entire movie. It was a lot more then some hopeless teenage love story. It had the complex characters and emotions that we all have experienced in real life. Even if you can’t relate to the characters the sense of realism when your watching this movie is astonishing. Maybe the plot is a little Hollywood cliché with a happier ending then most real life tales, but so what? Perks of Being a Wallflower was more of an experience then simply watching a movie. After I watched this movie I felt so strange and emotional. My heart felt tied to this movie and went through the ups and downs with Charlie and when it ended I was lost.

Charlie had a unique characteristic that I related with deeply. He saw the world around him all the pain and suffering and he masked his own with it. With everything seemingly out of his control how could he make everyone happy let alone care about himself?  He did things for the happiness of others and when others weren’t happy he fell apart and when there was nobody around to be happy or sad, things got really bad. I’ve never seen this expressed in a movie. It was fascinating to see part of me or part of my old self on the screen. It is truly a an experience in cinema that people rarely get to experience and is really part of the reason I love movies. You get to live an alternative life through them or you can see your life being played before you.

A great thing this movie showed in detail was the trail of young people finding themselves and I mean this for all the characters not just Charlie. Yah, yah, we can make fun of teenage romances all we want. Fall in love for the wrong reasons, you’ll find someone else, yata yata. These are human beings really trying to find their role in life, all who have faced some obstacles that I’d rather think aren’t common but likely are. It becomes a lot more then some stupid teenage romance. What they go through has implications that will guide them down certain paths in life, physically and mentally. Whether it be lack of self confidence, hiding who you really are, discrimination, or not being happy, these are serious things that the characters face. Showing how these decisions effect us is something to be applauded.

I appreciated the effort the movie makers put into making these characters situations feel real and showing the weight behind these seemingly small events. It was a really gripping movie emotionally and showed the complexity of hardships that people face and how those hardships effect the way they see the world.




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