Creating Solutions is Hard, Criticizing Isn’t.

The Iraq war has been a main talking point in the presidential debates of late. It is known information that Clinton voted for the war and that Trump supported the War. Trump has kept stating that he never wanted to go into Iraq which is simply not the case. From my readings of people on the web  some seem to suggest that they are more afraid of Clinton’s policies then the hot air coming out of Trump. I find this slightly disturbing, because to me the two are incomparable.

On one hand, we have someone in a position of power who has to make tough decisions. Many of us agree that the Iraq war was not a good decision and she now admits that voting for it was a mistake. Trump on the other hand is in a position of a spectator and like many people doesn’t have to carry the weight of decision making. It always easy to criticize rather then come up with a solution. This is what many people who are voting third party and Donald Trump himself are doing. When we look at events like Libya or even the Rwanda genocide, do we stop to think of the complexity of the decision making that goes into these events? I don’t think many of us do. It’s always harder to come up with a solution and implement ideas then it is to be critical of the actions of others. Many of us are simply spectators and only get a surface view of the great games that happen before our eyes.

With so much hidden from our sight it can be easy for us to look down upon the actions of others. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t be critical of what Clinton has done in the past, I’m simply saying that she has been in a position to make choices that we can observe and study. Trump, on the other hand, has not, which means it is ridiculous to suggest that just because he hasn’t made these decisions yet means he is a safer bet. We should remember, as much as we might not like the actions Clinton has taken in the past, that is not comparable to what Donald Trump is saying. Donald Trump has never had to make such large decisions, unless it pertains to evicting people from their homes, going bankrupt, or trafficking illegal immigrants. You might care more about the past actions of Hillary now then his statements, but I was suspicious feeling you might regret that when he’s the one making the decisions. We all know that Clinton is the better choice and there’s a lot more at stack then feeling good about who we vote for (combating climate change, the number one threat to humanity, is not something we will be doing with a Trump president).

Let’s not be ridiculous, the third party candidates have not chance. The institutional barriers they face at every step, their non-centrist policies, and political science show us they can’t win. Instead of getting upset about this fact every 4 years we could try to change it every year all year, but now isn’t the time (I know a person that’s very pro-third party but didn’t even know about local elections till the day before). This isn’t the time to fool around though to make ourselves feel that we aren’t voting who doesn’t fully stand for what we believe. That same concept is what created the Tea Party. Compromise and progress don’t happen through polarization and unrealistic ideas. Voting for Trump is against everything I believe in. Voting for Stein is me being unrealistic with myself about the current political reality. Not voting just helps Trump.

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