Michigan’s License Plates: Not a Place for Political Groups

On April 27th Michigan’s Senate passed a bill that would allow the state to create a “Choose Life” license plate, where $25 would be given to a Choose Life Fund:




If your curious to read the actual bill you can find it here, it’s only slightly over 2 pages.

If you want to know who voted for the bill you can find it on page 10 of this document.

This bill would allow $25 to go to this fund while $10 goes to the state for producing the plate. If you read the Detroit Free Press article, it goes into detail on how we have plates like this for things like breast cancer, clean water, etc.


However, this is the most politically explicit plate that would ever be allowed and we shouldn’t be excited. State resources and our senator’s time shouldn’t be spent on attempting to politicize license plates in Michigan. According to lifenews.com Michigan is the only state on the I-75 corridor not to save this plate available for purchase. This shouldn’t be the sole reason for us to allow this though.

If we imagine the reserve scenario it’s easy to see how it would play out as Jack Lessenberry did in his weekly write up for Michigan Radio:

Imagine this, for a minute. What if a liberal state senator were to introduce a bill that would mandate the Secretary of State offer a license plate that would promote transgender rights?

What’s more, the bill would specify that money from selling the plate would go to groups working to get transgendered persons the rights to use any bathroom or locker room they chose.

You can imagine the conservative reaction. They would say, among other things, that the state has absolutely no business raising funds for a private pressure group.

And on that, they would be absolutely right. But guess what: Republicans in the state senate have just passed a philosophically identical bill.

As Mr.Lessenberry points there is some irony in wanting to apply your principles when it’s something your against, but then turn a blind eye to when it’s something you support. The state shouldn’t be trying to raise money for political organizations just because they have the majority has the opportunity to support something they want.

If people like Senator Patrick Colbeck were so interested in saving lives and preventing abortion, they would be trying to provide more access to birth control. They shouldn’t be trying to fund groups that are against something that our Supreme Court has already made a decision on. Let’s hope the Michigan House has some common sense and smarts then Senator Colbeck and keep politics off our license plates.

The Senate passed another bill allowing for Michigan Sport Teams, Pistons, Lions, Etc. to have their own plates where money would go to the team’s foundations.


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